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LSAR is desperately looking for volunteers to help clean cat cages at PetSmart in Missoula. If you have a couple of hours one day a week (or more) and would like to help, please call Marcia at (406) 207-3345 or talk to Marie at PetSmart.

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Life Savers Animal Rescue

Butterfly and Cricket

Their story began on a serious note so we're looking for a very happy ending for Butterfly and Cricket.  They were found with siblings on a cold, wet night, wedged between hay bales.  Taken into foster care and bottle fed to keep them alive.  It was a tough fight and unfortunately three didn't make it.  These two did and are a testament to good foster care.  Butterfly and Cricket are affectionate, playful, happy, healthy kittens ... and must be placed together.  Let us know if you have a place in your home and heart for these special kittens.





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Please note that LSAR does not have a building. All pets are in volunteer foster homes; please check individual listings for contact information.

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