LSAR has a different need for those in our community who would like to volunteer to help us in our efforts to rescue dogs and cats. We have all our adoptable animals in foster homes, so unlike many shelters and rescues we don’t have dogs for volunteers to walk, groom, or feed. No cats to socialize or cuddle. BUT we do need volunteers to help us raise money for the animals we foster and to continue our countywide efforts for spay/neuter.

Cleaning out your garage or attic? Consider a yard sale with the proceeds going to LSAR. Do you and your friends enjoy baking? How about an LSAR bake sale? Do your kids need a project in support of a local non-profit? An LSAR car wash might be the perfect activity as the weather heats up! So we challenge all our many great supporters to consider putting together a fundraiser that will benefit LSAR and the animals we rescue. We will help promote your fundraiser on our Facebook page and website. Please call (406) 676-4200 or email us at lsar@lsar.org .