Chihuahua mix
Neutered male
3 years

Charlie is a small, young, energetic little guy who came to us after having been hit by a car. Although his leg was broken it has been surgically repaired and is in the healing process right now. We anticipate that he is going to have a full and active life ahead of him. This little guy gets attached to people quickly and loves every single person he meets once he gets to know them. It can take him a little bit longer with men than it does with women but he gets there eventually. Charlie loves other dogs and would  do fantastic with older kids. He likely would not do well with very young children since he has been known to bite in response to pain and likely would have the same reaction should his tail get stepped on or If he were to get frightened. He would love to sleep in your bed with you and is going to make someone an amazing companion. If you or someone you know is interested in finding out more about Charlie please go to our website at and fill out an application.