Mama Kitten

Domestic Short Hair
Spayed female
White w/gray tabby

Courtesy listing:  Mama’s full name is Mama Kitten. She showed up in my yard when she was about 8 months old with her kitten in tow. They lived together outside for 6 years. Mamma was taking treats from my hand almost immediately. Her kitten took much longer to build trust. Mamma was devoted to her kitten allowing her to nurse for almost 2 years. Just after the 6-year mark, I found Mama’s kitten dead. It had been a bad fire season and I assumed a predator had found its way on to the property. A short while later Mamma decided to come into the house. At that point I had only a small dog as his brother, a very large dog had reached his end of life a few months before. I know Mama felt she could handle the smaller dog. It was perfect timing because the dog really missed his brother and he and Mama became as good a friend as a cat and dog could be. She tolerates him trying to get her to play and he quickly stops trying to get her to play when she ignores him. They sleep together with me on the bed, where Mamma will snuggle with us both. Mama has special needs. I am the only human with whom she has interacted. She is fine with the dog and 2 other cats that came after her. Because of the many years she lived in the rough she has lost all of her fangs and her upper and lower incisors have been ground down to the gums. She still has her back molars and can eat kibble. She gets a small amount of wet food for breakfast. She has a middle age paunch so she’s consuming plenty of calories. Her lack of teeth has left her feeling vulnerable and she is only going outside to do her business. She spends much of her time curled up in a cozy spot dreaming of her youth. When I come near her, she rolls on her back so I can stroke her on her belly. She is so loving.  I write with a heavy heart. I am relocating to the East Coast and I cannot take her with me. I have thought and prayed on this matter a lot, and I can’t see how a Montana cat would do well in an urban environment. Mamma would be a wonderful loving companion for a gentle kind-hearted senior who would be able to give Mama lots of love that she has been thus far so deserving of receiving. I’m confident she will adjust to a litter box if a pet door is not available.  I would welcome any inquiry about adopting Mama at