Jackie Chonks – courtesy listing

Mr. Jackie Chonks is a neutered 3 year old kitty. He weighs about 16 pounds. He is an indoor/outdoor kitty and is litterbox trained.
When you go out to buy a cookie, do you go for just a standard Chonklet? Ever want more than a standard Chonklet?
Well this guy is a double chonklet chip! Jackie is sweet, litter trained and fixed male at about 3 years old. He’s unfortunately looking for a forever home because his owner cannot find adequate housing to accommodate them both due to the current rental/housing market.
Jackie’s hobbies include sleeping, eating, and hanging out. His favorite thing to do is hang an arm on you while you watch tv. Some skills he does have are chasing off bears and playing with friendly dogs. Jackie is also a fine-water connoisseur, and loves that fresh, crispy water.
He’s a mouser and will keep your kitchen clear of those pesky rodents too. He’ll also love hanging out with you in the garden. He’s a real people-person cat, and deserves a good family with a warm home.
Mr. Chonks is a courtesy listing, so if interested, please contact his current owner at 352-231-5561 or email at breton.homewood@montana.edu.