Heeler X
Spayed female
1 year old

Neala is a 1 year old spayed, female heeler mix (mother was a purebred heeler, other herding/working dog is the mix) weighs 75lbs. Very athletic, needs a home where she can continue to learn daily. She already shakes with both paws, sits, downs, crates, recalls, nose targets, heels for a short time, offers her paws for nail trimming. Wears a harness or collar, walks on lead, however she will pull and bark if she sees people or dogs at a distance. Learning to use a Gentle Leader with success.

Does remarkably well with animals – has not chased deer, cows, horses, sheep, goats, ducks, geese, nor shown an inclination to do so. BUT much too interested in Chickens, she would probably harm them if she could.

Lives with older Pomeranian and treats with great respect. Plays with cats she was raised with, but has chased other cats.

Loves kids and most people but should be introduced to strangers. Can take time to warm up to new people. Does Not like riding in a car, will do it but makes her nervous!!

Does Very Well in a crate large enough for her to stretch out, no separation anxiety, no problematic behaviors. NEEDS a secure, fenced yard. Would love a larger, young dog to play with.

Neala needs human interaction, someone to keep training her, hike, run or jog with her. Loves Frisbee!!! Remember at a year old, this large breed dog is still a puppy, needs to continue socialization and training. Adopter experienced with herding/working breeds would be helpful.