Pit Bull mix
Spayed female
Brownish Grey
5 years old

 Misha is a beautiful soul. She does needs an athletic family with a large yard and high fences. She does have a thing for chasing cars. 

She is good with baths; pulls a bit on the leash; nothing a little training and practice wouldn’t fix. She does get anxious on car rides so she needs to be restrained in the car and is a bit loud. She has attempted to jump out of the car window while moving and wants to climb in the drivers lap.  This is likely due to the fact that she never set foot in a car until she went into foster. Over all she is gentle and kind. She 

loves to cuddle and sleep at the foot of the bed. She is affectionate, patient, and gets along with everyone she meets, whether two and four legged. She has even allowed a puppy to share her dish with her. 🙂 without incident. 

She is playful and problem solving and loves fruit from the trees, especially apples and pears. She enjoys romping in the yard. Her foster mom shared all this in hopes that she finds the living forever home she deserves.