Medium size mixed breed
2 years


Lucy ISO her Ethel: Demure, yet fun loving, younger gal is looking for a special someone to share laughs.

Absolutely Must:

  • Appreciate my floor surfing style;
  • Enjoy shenanigans (particularly, the mud, floor surfing, and zoomies variety);
  • Fawn over me when I break out something from my repertoire for YOUR food (Cirque de Soleil didn’t appreciate me the way you will);
  • Live to snuggle (couch and bed are life);
  • Not be a bed or cover hog (absolute deal breaker);
  • Understand I need some reassurance from time to time (NOT Weight Watchers like everyone keeps suggesting)

Keena is about 2 years old. She is a spayed female mixed breed. She loves all humans big and small. She can be selective with her doggy companions so a meet and greet is a must.