Grandpa Chico

Chihuahua X
Neutered male
12 yrs

Original post, see update below:  Grandpa Chico, as I am calling him, is settled into his foster home and is doing well. He is sad and not interested in seeking any attention but will allow his foster mom to hold him. He is eating finally but won’t eat or drink if you are looking🤗 He is definitely sad to have lost his home and his person but we are optimistic he can adapt to his new circumstances. He really needs a home where it’s quiet and he can sleep or relax in the sun. He is not going to make a good playmate for another dog simply because he just likes to relax. We are looking for a nice place for him to retire where he can just be himself🐾♥️🐾♥️🐾 Applications can be submitted to .

Update on Chico: Chico is a tender Spirit.  He is now more comfortable with his surroundings and he does the play posture with happy eyes 💙. If the cat gets too close, Chico will bark and snap at her. She turns away in “fear”.   He wants to eat all by himself in a room where he can see that no one is going to get behind him.  I still sit with him while he eats. He is still eating two meals a day. He’s doing his business outside.  It seems he still has some deep issues with safety.  He is a spark of Joy and Love. 💙. Thank you for letting me be his foster mama.