Border Collie
Neutered male
3 years

Chester is a very intelligent, 3 yr. old, Border Collie mix with striking eyes. Chester is neutered and microchipped. Currently, Chester maintains his weight and energy on 2 cups of Nutra Nuggets dog food, per day. In the past, Chester was trained to herd cattle and reputedly loved doing so. Chester’s current owner doesn’t own any cattle and therefore, Chester would likely need a training tune-up. Chester was exposed to sheep and goats during his time with a former owner but proved too excited with the sheep and goats. He didn’t hurt the animals but he doesn’t want to stop working them. Free-range poultry, cats, rabbits, and other small animals would probably be a bad combination with Chester without some advanced training. Chester is good with horses, cows, and well-behaved children. Chester is very well-behaved while on-lead, however, Chester’s energy level and drive make him an unlikely off-lead dog, at least initially. Once Chester’s expended some of his energy, while on the lead, he’s better with his recall and other commands. Due to Chester’s current owner’s health, Chester is spending too much time in a 5’x10’ kennel which could have led to behavioral issues but didn’t. Chester has remained true to his wonderful disposition and hasn’t developed a barking problem or aggression. Chester does have a Nylabone and a Kong to keep him occupied; these would come with Chester. Although Chester seems to get too excited around small animals, he completely ignores the cats that are kenneled in the same building as he travels past for his daily walk. It would be advisable to allow a meet-and-greet between Chester and any other dogs to determine compatibility. Chester is a truly special, young, trainable dog that is only needing to be rehomed due to his owner’s cancer diagnosis. Chester’s current owner will require that a re-homing fee is paid to Life Savers Animal Rescue of Polson, Montana. Please apply to adopt Chester via Life Savers Animal Rescue’s site.