Domestic Short Hair

Courtesy listing: When we moved into a rental June 1st of 2018, we were surprised to find there were these 2 beautiful girls left there to fend for themselves. June 2nd, 2018 we found 7 newborn kittens. Thus began the journey of Soapie (Tortie) and Lou(Calico) and the babies…Life Savers Animal Rescue has played a HUGE part in helping to vaccinate, spay/neuter and find home for all the kittens that have came along. I can never thank them enough. These 2 girls are only a few years old. I was told they are a mom & daughter duo. They were very skittish and feral. In the year and a half that we have been there, we have gained their trust enough to have them let us pet them before we feed them in the morning and at night. Soapie was caught and spayed. Lou, we are still trying to grab her but she will be spayed in the next few weeks too. I am moving at the end of the month and refuse to leave them to fend for themselves. I am looking for a home that is looking for a pair of new barn cats. They are good mousers. I know this because I am left “gifts” of mice & birds by my back door quite often 🙂 They are a very bonded pair and I cannot separate them either as I think that would be detrimental to them both. With love and patience, I am confident they can be tamed enough to be indoor outdoor girls. Or just left as outdoor. I put together a heated enclosure for them to go in, in the winter time. I will send that along with them when they go to their new home. If you have any questions, please feel free to call or text me at 406-890-1471 or email me at Montanafroglegs@aol.com.